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Using Social Media to Develop a Strong, Trustworthy Brand

Currently, social media is the simplest and popular tool that users use to connect to brands, individuals and groups. Social media has a high potential in making brands trustworthy due to its high traffic as shown by the millions of members in Twitter and Facebook alone. For this reason, firms interact with consumers and sell their brands or products via this platform. Nevertheless, many beginner companies have no clue about how to capitalize on such an opportunity. Many improvements can be made to create an effective action plan. If you are one of the stranded businesses, here is how you can use the platform to engage your followers and establish your brand.

Sharing of product demonstration videos is a recommendation. Staring companies mainly sell unknown products to customers. You are likely to get results for an unknown product even if you market it on social media. Thus, develop videos and share them on multiple social media platforms and YouTube as well. By so doing, you will reach millions of consumers. The video should entail a description of the product and a step by step instructional on its use. You should include as much product information as you can to build the trust of customers.

You need to involve customers in establishing your brand if your aim is to increase revenue or cultivate customer loyalty. You can create polls and surveys and request clients to give their feedback. That is helpful in collecting customer comments. You will also gain by getting customer opinions that can help you improve on your services and satisfy clients. What is more, you show customers that you value them by involving them in marketing your brand.

Loyal customers must also be rewarded. Motivation inspires them to distribute positive information about your products. For example, you can start a sharing competition where the social media users with the most product shares, likes, tweets and comments earns a discount or a gift. You should hold the contests frequently to motivate clients to participate and excited about your products.

It is also important to show your expertise. Do not forget that you competitors also want to gain a competitive edge via social media. Therefore, prove to the world that you are the best. You can do this by sharing useful content and offering solutions to problems that customers might talk about on social media. That gives clients the confidence they need to trust your brand name. Most importantly, offer support to clients that invest in worthy causes. Find clients involved in charity and chip in by raising funds or making the project known to different people.

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