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Some Popular Web Hosting Plans

It is overwhelming to make a decision with the many web hosting plans that are all over in the market.

When you notice the hundreds of companies are offering to do business with you and coming up with a variety of web hosting plans you are bound to get confused.

A person who wants just to open a website and make their money if they are met with terms like DNS, GB and width they are bound to get discouraged.

After you’ve opened your online business your business will soon grow and so will your web hosting plans and they will be a little complex.

Your online business was doing all right with the free and cheap web hosting plans but now it is all grown from the website traffic as a result you might need a web server.

Let us look at some of the commonly used web hosting types that can help you to decide the best for your business’s needs.

A Web Hosting Plan That Is Shared
This is just like it says, shared. It is shared just like the word suggests. This type of web hosting is shared. The advantage here is the low cost of sharing. You find that you will pay for this shared service as little as $5-$10 monthly on a web server that for hosting perhaps hundreds of other websites.

One main disadvantage of a shared web hosting is all of you are at the mercy of the server.
Despite the fact that not much traffic coming in on your website you can choose a shared webhosting plan as it is cheaper.
Reseller Web Hosting
Reselling web hosting is where in the shared hosting has more features which can help you to sell the hosting space.

Web Hosting Based On Cloud

Cloud based web hosting works by allowing this new hosting knowledge to host other servers all working together which makes it look like one big server. This means that as there is an increase in growth the hosting company can include other commodity hardware to make the grid or cloud bigger.

The Virtual Private Server Type Of Web Hosting

The users of this type of web hosting share one physical server though it is presented as a separate server or multiple servers. It is like a bridge between shared web hosting and have your own devoted machine. Although all of them share the dedicated resources all of them have a devoted piece of the computing resources.

Devoted Web Server

In this type of web hosting plan it is where you approach the web hosting company to hire out one physical server to you with all the needed control from Linux.

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