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Here Are Some Lessons On Cyber Security You Will Get From ‘Mr. Robot’, The Movie

For the longest time the picture and opinion of hacking we’ve been treated to by Hollywood scenes have not been the actual facts of the whole thing. In those pictures we could only understand hacking to be a pounding of some keys and mysterious symbols appeared on screen.

Actually for the typical movie enthusiasts, this was just but a show of magic for this was just out of the blues and incomprehensible to many. Because of this, hacking was ever a subject clouded I so much mystery which remained a preserve of the lucky selected few to comprehend.

However in the ‘Mr. Robot’ show, hacking is made come as real as the current y culture. Even though the techniques used by the characters in the movie, Elliot and his cohorts, are still probably unknown to some of us, the words used to describe their actions are all too familiar to nearly all of us.

These terms like DDOS attack, spyware, malware. Brute force password attack aren’t a strange kind of jargons to most of us as they have become all too usual terms in our various circles and information sources. Despite this knowledge, it is very important for us to recognize the fact that we are not the immune ones from these threats and that they are threats which we stay vulnerable to and as such they are not merely “magical words” which are meant to scare one somehow.

Give these facts about hacking, it gets very reasonable fr you to watch the movie, ‘Mr. Robot’ with a certain degree of attention and concentration to ensure that you learn as much as there is to in this particular show. Truly, this show is one which subtly and precisely tells all that one would wish to know about the hacking tradition. As such we are going to glean so much of lessons and tips on cyber security when we do a checked analysis of the movie, ‘Mr. Robot’.

Our number one tip on cyber security we get from the show is the fact that cyber security has its origin or source in us/you. This movie quite clearly depicts the lesson that the first source of the security for cyber ware starts with people and ends with machines such as the computers.

There are cyber threats which any business is exposed to as a matter of fact and as such if you happen to be a business person and or an expert in SEO issues, then you may do well by first seeking to educate your staff and employees on the threats potent to their cyber presence and operations.

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