Solutions for Nursing Home Administrator Staffing

A nursing home cannot operate without an administrator. That person has to meet specific educational and experience levels to qualify. A major component of the duties is to ensure the facility is in compliance with all health and safety standards, as well as staffing ratios and proper supervision. Registered nurses (RNs), for example, have to be supervised by a director of nursing (DON). It is the responsibility of the administrator to make sure one is available on-staff.


The health care industry has been experiencing shortages in the number of available administrators, DONs, RNs, and other qualified professionals. Filling vacant positions is becoming more and more difficult. The population is aging so the demands for nursing homes and assisted living facilities are high. Many states, regions, and remote areas of the country do not have qualified applicants for these jobs.

Non-compliance carries stiff fines and penalties. Repeated offenses can result in a facility losing accreditation, or being forced to close. Recruiting agencies that specialize in health care have been scrambling to meet the needs of nursing homes. One leading agency that focuses on long-term care facilities has developed some viable solutions for Nursing Home Administrator Staffing.

Interim Leadership Positions

While the facility or recruiting agency is working on finding a permanent candidate for the vacancy, a qualified candidate can be placed at the facility on a temporary basis. This program works because the education and minimum qualifications are satisfied by the temporary person. Preferred years of experience may not have been completed, but that person is capable of taking over the vacancy and fulfilling all expectations of the position. Reports, proposed budgets, leading all departments, and ensuring compliance will all be maintained.

Traveling Professionals

A second solution is to have traveling professionals placed into critical positions for a period of at least thirteen weeks. If no candidates are found, the contract can be renewed for an additional thirteen weeks. This also helps the facility remain in compliance. It also saves on overtime costs and keeps current staff from becoming burned out. All projections indicate shortages will not be ending anytime soon. Explore these solutions to provide high levels of care for patients and relief for dedicated staff.